IT-Trends: BigData/Hadoop und Internet der Dinge
OBJEKTspektrum - Ausgabe IT-Trends/2014
Titelthema: IT-Trends: BigData/Hadoop und Internet der Dinge

The Industrial Internet: The Modern Day Technological Revolution

Leseprobe: Common wisdom has it that the Internet Revolution has radically changed everything about our lives: not only from how we take care of our finances to how we shop, get news and communicate. But did it really change that much? In many cases, the Internet hasn’t changed our lives as much as we think. In 2014 as in 1974, medical monitoring devices and medical robotics are largely disconnected. Real-time jet engine monitoring against global performance metrics simply does not exist. Smart energy grids are the toast of standards organizations everywhere, but they still don’t exist at the vast scale that our electrical grids currently do. And while the Industrial Revolution changed manufacturing forever, the Internet Revolution has failed to do so – until now.

Autor(en): Richard Mark Soley

Ausgabe OBJEKTspektrum IT-Trends/2014

Artikeljahresübersichten OBJEKTspektrum 2014

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