Topic channels - the specialist library for software architects

Sigs Datacom provides you with comprehensive specialist information on various topic areas in this knowledge database. Our conferences, seminars, trade journals and increasingly the area of new media (podcast, webcast etc.) serve as sources here as well.

You want to be kept constantly up to date about SOA and BPM, SCRUM and Agile topics as well as software architecture?

You can get access to the Cloud Computing , Requirements Engineering and Testing channels!

In our topics channel we provide various articles and items of news – from 2006 until today - on the topic areas of SOA and BPM, Scrum and Agile, Software Architecture, Cloud Computing, Requirements Engineering and Testing. You can look up the articles in our knowledge sector, but also view them in the form of webcasts or as a podcast. It is also simultaneously possible to download the visual and audio programes at any time.

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