The Guild Way towards Great Projects

TOM DeMARCO and the ATLANTIC SYSTEMS GUILD bring you their insights for running successful projects.

Maritim Hotel Bonn, Germany
10.-12. October 2011

Imagine that you plan to take a cruise. Just for a moment suppose that your ship sets sail with half the fuel needed. Or all the fuel but half the crew. Or with a navigation system badly in need of repair.

Would you as a passenger consider the voyage to be a success?

Would the cruise ship company consider the voyage to be a success?

Probably not, yet many IT projects start out without all the key elements on board. And many fail to deliver what they set out to deliver. Many are cancelled.


In this three-day seminar, the six Principals of the Atlantic Systems Guild will reveal thought processes that drastically improve your ability to achieve project victory, including:

  • How do you envision and start a project successfully?
  • How do you manage uncertainty and be pragmatic about the risks?
  • How do you innovate your business and why this is crucial?
  • How new constraints drive IT priority realignment?
  • Prevailing patterns of project behavior
  • Prevailing patterns of organizational behavior
  • The challenge of delivering constant business value


The seminar will be a mixture of presentations and group workshops


  • Software Architects
  • IT Projectleaders
  • IT Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Stakeholders

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